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...because the book normally is!

Better Than The Movie is a podcast for people who love reading diversely, books, book news, and issues related to literacy and popular culture. Our goal is to review and discuss book themes with passion and an open mind. We want to encourage our readers to look beyond the best sellers lists and  discover new voices and stories. 

We are The Readers, the people who the publishing world should be catering to, but oftentimes  don't . We are smart. We are funny. We are sometimes a little snarky. And we always, ALWAYS, think that the book is better than the movie


EPISODE SIXTY-THREE: My Book, Yo Book. Everybody Book

This week Jeanette and Tahmeka are discussing the world of indie publishing and highlighting some folks for y’all to check out.

Articles Discussed in News:

Books for Girls, About Girls

Big Little LIes

Kerry Washington, Warner Bros. to Adapt 'The Mothers':

Chimamanda and the Trans Community

Her New Book:

Books N Bros’ 11-year-old founder wants to help boys love reading at an age when they often don’t:

Authors Highlighted:

Constance Burris: 

Renaldo Christopher:

DL White:

Alexandra Warren:

Love Belvin:

Té Russ:

Danielle Allen:

Indie Love in the A Event Info: