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Better Than The Movie is a podcast for people who love reading diversely, books, book news, and issues related to literacy and popular culture. Our goal is to review and discuss book themes with passion and an open mind. We want to encourage our readers to look beyond the best sellers lists and  discover new voices and stories. 

We are The Readers, the people who the publishing world should be catering to, but oftentimes  don't . We are smart. We are funny. We are sometimes a little snarky. And we always, ALWAYS, think that the book is better than the movie



This week's show is all about our trip to NY to see a couple of Broadway plays based on two literary works-- Hamilton by Ron Chernow and The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Tahmeka also walks us through the #Hamiltome. But first, the news:

Are Most Romance Novels Badly Written?:

Rachel Dolezal’s Got a Book Deal:

2016 Pulitzer Prize Winners Announced:


This week we're discussing books that we just couldn't finish. Articles discussed in news section below:

Young Lions Fiction Award Finalists:

VIDA count:

Movie Adaptation of An Untamed State:

James Patterson’s Money Grab:

10 Books Every Young Black Woman Should Read to Slay (LOL):

EPISODE FORTY-FOUR: Listener Recommendations Vol. 2 ft. @leonicka

Show's a bit different this week. Tahmeka's traveling for work, so I'm (Jeanette) manning it solo. I'm speaking with Léonicka Valcius about Canadian literature, working for Scholastic Book Fair and also the Festival of Literary Diversity that we talked about briefly in the last show. Léonicka also provides a reading list of excellent Canadian books/authors to check out. Show rounds out with a solo "What Are You Reading?" because I'm newly obsessed with Rachel Howzell Hall and needed to fangirl.

EPISODE FORTY ONE: The Seinfeld Episode Parte Tres

EPISODE FORTY: Do You Know What Today is?

It's our one year anniversary...well almost!  We're coming in a fewwwww days early, but it's all good. : ) This week we're discussing the sanitization of slavery children's books, Jeanette has a wee bit of a rant about some literary related things that have been annoying her and we end with talking about some of our favorite episodes of this podcast and our hopes for its future. Links to articles discussed below:


EPISODE THIRTY-NINE: Til the Well Runs Dry

New year, same us! We're back discussing Lauren Francis Sharma's novel, Til the Well Runs Dry, but first some lit news. Links discussed below...

Barnes and Noble applied for liquor license:

Minx Malone interview (not so much for the romance aspect of it, but the othering bit she speaks about in the 4th question/answer):

Damn, You're Not Reading Any Books by White Men This Year? That's So Freakin Brave and Cool from Jezebel: m/damn-youre-not-reading-any-books-by-white-men-this-yea-1751094468


I think the title says it all. :) We begin the show with Lit News business as usual and continue on to talk about our favorite reads of the year.

Articles discussed in Lit News: 

New Marlon James Novel is African Game Of Thrones:

15 Powerful Works of Fiction Pubbed by Black Authors in 2015:

World’s First MA in Black literature offered:

U.S. School stops teaching Huck Finn Because the N word:  

More Books, Fewer Guns BookRiot piece:



This week's show is all about saying yes. We're discussing Shonda Rhimes' The Year of Yes.

Links to articles discussed in this week's Lit News here:

Misty Copeland to Write a Health and Fitness Book:

Maya Angelou Documentary Kickstarter:

Flatiron to Pub Oprah’s Memoir, host her new imprint

Marlon James "Black authors pander to white women": 

White Men Are the Minority on This Year’s BIggest Year End Book Lists:    

Goodreads Best of 2015:



After an unplanned hiatus, we're back and talkin' smack! Ok...not really, I just couldn't resist the rhyme. The main theme of this week's show is novels featuring mother/daughter relationships. Before we dig in, however, we discuss a variety of literary related items as well as give some updates regarding the future of Better Than the Movie.

Articles Discussed:

American Writers Museum to Open in Chicago in 2017:

NaNoWriMo article:

Amazon Article:

Clarissa Article: 

List of Books From Episode: 

God Help The Child  - Toni Morrison

White Oleander - Janet Fitch

Breath, Eyes, Memory - Edwidge Danticat

Claire of the Sea Light - Edwidge Danticat

The Joy Luck Club - Amy Tan

Song of Solomon - Toni Morrison

The Darkest Child - Delores Phillips

The Secret Life of Bees - Sue Monk Kidd

The Almost Moon - Alice Sebold

Where the Heart Is - Billie Letts

Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood - Rebecca Wells

Carrie - Stephen King

Where’d You Go Bernadette - Maria Semple

72 Hour Hold - Bebe Moore Campbell

Revolutionary Road - Richard Yates

Girl In Translation - Jean Kwok

Third Girl From the Left - Martha Southgate

The Center of Everything - Laura Moriarty

Mama - Terry McMillan

EPISODE THIRTY FIVE: What's Really Good?

This week we're talking what makes a book good to us. Feel free to talk back via email ( or Google voice (210-816-2886) to let us know what draws you in!

Articles discussed in news section: 

Marlon James Wins the Man Booker Prize!

Marlon James recommends 5 Jamaican Novels

Kirkus Award winners

Angela Flournoy nom or 2015 National Book Award

PW Annual Salary Survey


EPISODE THIRTY-THREE: Listener Recommendations Vol. 1 ft. @Vivaciously_Val

This week we have a special guest in the honeycomb hideout, one of our favorite listeners--Valerie (aka @Vivaciously_Val on Le Twitter)! She's here to kick off our listener recommendations segment with a treasure trove of AMAZING books to read. For the unabridged list of all the novels she named, shoot us an email at! We also talk briefly. 



This week we cover a cornucopia of topics! From discussing the impact of Jackie Collins on the literary world to Grace Jones' memoir to writing from the outside, our news section is brimming with content. Links to articles discussed below. Our main segment is about upcoming books that we're anticipating reading. As always we end the show with our What Are You Reading? segment and introduce a new reader interactive segment. 

Articles discussed on today's show:

RIP Jackie Collins:

Literary Map: 

From the Outside: 

Grace Jones' Memoir: 

irl Have You Read?!:

Amazon Article: 

Oyster Article:

Fall Books:

Love Love:   


Ghost Summer:

The Story of My Teeth:

The Sparrow Sisters:

The Queen of the Night:

EPISODE THIRTY: Whose B*tch Is It Anyway?

WE BACK! : ) This week we're discussing the amazing article written by Jenny Zhang in response to the Yellowface/nom de plume debacle in the Best American Poetry 2015 anthology:

We're also discussing a hood lit novel. Yep, that's right. Our friends Ashley and Sarah join us to discuss a novel titled My Bitch, Yo Bitch, Everybody's Bitch. We wrap up the show with our What Are You Reading? segment.


This week's episode we're discussing quite a few hot topics. The show begins with a discussion of Ashley Ford's List of 9 Books to Add to the Modern Brown Girl Literary Canon. We were super impressed by the variety and thoughtfulness of the selections. ( We also discuss a new comic Raising Dion ( which is about a single mother raising a young boy who is discovered to have superpowers. The premise of this comic is super interesting and the youtube trailer is quite adorable( The majority of the show is spent discussion Jennifer Weiner's latest "Who Do You Love". We round out the show with a Self Pubbed Spotlight--highlighting books from authors Delaney Diamond and Quanie Miller.


EPISODE TWENTY-EIGHT: The Seinfeld Episode Part Deux

This week's show is a hodgepodge of topics and eventually ends up with our lamentations about our writing woes (real issues, not the Wheelchair Jimmy definition.) Articles discussed are linked below:

Reading for pleasure builds empathy and improves wellbeing:

Man admits to dumping thousands of books onto highway:

Mat Johnson's Loving Day being adapted into Showtime comedy series: